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Andy's Work 1997-2009

Commissions welcome

The raku requires experience, involvement and continuity to be successful: more than 20 years of experience and research in technique of shaping, glazing and firing have made Andy a skilled artist able to combine imagination, originality and an intimate understanding of the materials.


Russells Raku Ceramics is a fascinating and original expression of contemporary ceramics, created by Andy Russell, originally from Cornwall together with his Italian wife Stefania, his apprentice and business partner. They work together inspiring each other with a creative energy.
This produce a distinctive and original theme of work that
reflects their passion for life, nature and freedom of expression.

They concentrate exclusively on single ornamental pieces whose design and colours as well as the whole process of their work are greatly influenced by the scenic beauty of the Burren, and the moody Atlantic sea.


01. 'Flaggy Shore Walker I'

- 55 cm. height -

420 euro

02. 'Flaggy Shore Walker II'

- 55 cm. height -

420 euro

03. 'Flaggy Shore Walker III'

- 55 cm. height -

420 euro


04. 'Flaggy Shore Walker IV'

- 55 cm. height -

420 euro

05.'Send A Card!'

42cm x 48cm (framed)

280 euro

06. 'Piggy'

40cm long

160 euro



07. 'Young Billy Lads I'

28cm. height, 45cm. width

590 euro

08. 'Mare'

35 cm. height

690 euro

09. 'Time for Music'

50cm. height

370 euro

10.'After the Sun'

40cm diameter

290 euro

11. 'Handbag XXIV' by Stefania Russell

36cm height

220 euro

12. 'Handbag XXIII' by Stefania Russell

30cm height

110 euro

RAKU is an ancient technique originating in Japan in the 16th Century along with the tea ceremony and influenced
by Zen buddist philosophy.The tea ceremony was formulated during that time by the great Tea Masters to promote the contemplation
of the beauty of simplicity, "wabi".

"Wabi is a beauty of things imperfect, impermanent,and incomplete.
It is a beauty of things modest and humble.It is a beauty of things unconventional."

In Raku the pieces are removed with long tongs from a red hot kiln. The glowing pot is then rolled in various materials (sawdust, leaves, paper), thus changing the colour and the chemistry of the pot.

This process requires total involvement and an intimate understanding of the materials,
transforming the pottery into sensual and dramatic forms of Art.