'MANDALA' an exhibition of Creative Textiles by

Bridget Alcorn, Vicky Donnelly, Zulaikha Engelbrecht, Salama Engelbrecht, Fiona Fahey, Brenda Linnane,
Sinead Macken, Jackie McCarthy, Dympna Kennan, Orna Purcell , Tricia Thompson, Safia Waller

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01.'In Stitches' by Safia Waller 02.'Smiling' by Safia Waller
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03.'Secrets of the Seabed' by Fiona Fahy

04.'Starburst' by Fiona Fahy
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05.'Harmony and Equilibrium' by Fiona Fahy 06.'The Still Centre' by Zulaikha Engelbrecht
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07.'Bollywood Butterflies' by Sinead Macken 08.'Burlesque' by Sinead Macken