KAVA -Kinvara Area Visual Area 'Winter Col

Rosaleen Tanham, Fiona Cawley, Patsy Connolly, Cat Taylor, Patricia Kavanagh, Pam Fleming,
Patricia Timmons, Mary O’Halloran, Richard Hearns, Julia O’Keeffe,
Mary Roberts, Rita Wobbe, Brian Twomey, Ann Korff, Judy O'Sullivan

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01.‘Stones of my Heart’ by Rosaleen Tanahm 02.‘The Girl & the Extraordinary Large Rabbit’ by Fiona Cawley
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03.The Walk’    by Fiona Cawley

04.‘Caught in the Gossamer Web on an Ancient Dream I’
by Patsy Connolly 
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05.‘Caught in the Gossamer Web on an Ancient Dream II’
by Patsy Connolly
06.'Armadillo Bowl’ by Cath Taylor
07 08
07.Bowl III’ by Cath Taylor 08.Vase I’ by Cath Taylor