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Emily Mc Culla

I'm an artist from Louisiana, now based in Ireland since 2013. I have a Bachelors of Fine Arts degree from LSU. My work is inspired by my surroundings on the wild Atlantic coast in The Burren. Whether it’s the constantly changing light, the stark contrast between the harsh limestone hills and the flowing green fields, or the diverse wildlife I encounter daily, I’m continuously finding new angles to pursue in my paintings.

01.'First Sight'
- oil on board-
26cm x 20cm (32cm x 27cm with frame)
280 euro (framed)



- oil and gold leaf on canvas -
25cm x 25cm
330 euro (unframed)




03.'Burren Fields'
- oil on canvas -
20cm x 20cm (25cm x 25cm with frame)
185 euro (framed)





- oil and gold leaf on board -
13cm x 13cm (25cm x 25cm with frame)
220 euro (framed)



- oil on canvas -
20cm x 20cm (25cm x 25cm with frame)
190 euro (framed)




06.'Burren Skies'
- oil on board -
35cm x 25cm
325 euro (framed)



- oil on canvas -
70cm x 50cm
650 euro (framed)




- oil on canvas -
20cm x 20cm
220 euro (framed)



09.'Dawn Light'
- oil on board ,-
40cm x 30cm
395 euro (framed)



10.'Gleninagh Pier, Burren'
- oil on board -
20cm x25cm
290 euro (framed)