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Elsie Nolan

She studied art at Limerick College of Art and Design and she a landscape artist working in many mediums and takes inspiration from the rural landscape that surrounds her and in addition to this she has a fascination with the sea and its ability to rouse emotion.
She has exhibited work at many shows and arts festivals throughout the country including Egise in Carlow and has work in the national collection in Dublin.


01. 'Meditation on the Burren, Cattle Led, No Fee'
-oil on canvas-
51cm x 76cm (64cm x 89cm with frame)
950 euro (framed)



02. 'To Soften the Place of Discomfort III'
-oil on canvas-
40cm x 80cm (53cm x 93cm with frame)
850 euro (framed)



03. 'Still Standing'
-oil on deep canvas-
30cm x 40cm
425 euro (unframed, ready to hung)



04. 'Carpe Diem'
-oil on canvas-
50cm x 60cm (64cm x 74cm framed)
775 euro (framed)



05. 'This Too Shall Pass'
-oil on canvas-
20cm x 25cm (25cm x 30cm framed)
490 euro (framed)


06. 'Pulmonaria,Vibrant Lichen, The Burren'
-oil on canvas-
20cm x 30cm (27cm x 37cm framed)
490 euro (framed)

07. 'Find Yorself in the Unknown Road, The Burren'
-oil on canvas-
60cm x 100cm (65cm x 105cm framed)
1,100 euro (framed)



08. 'Come Away Oh Human Child'
-oil on canvas-
40cm x 40cm
575 euro (framed)


09. 'Time Alone With You'
-mixed media on canvas-
25cm x 30cm ( 30cm x 35cm)
395 euro (framed)

10. 'The Glory of It All'
-oil on canvas-
56cm x 86cm (62cm x 92cm framed)
990 euro (framed)


11 'There Is Always A Way Back'
-oil on canvas-
41cm x 31cm (47cm x 37cm)
630 euro (framed)