'A Sense of Place'
paintings by Ruth Molloy, Hilary Molloy & Gillian Murphy

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01_A_Sense_of_Place 02_A_Twist_in_the_Tail

01_'A_Sense_of_Place' by Gillian Murphy


02_'A_Twist_in_the Tail' by Ruth Molloy
03 'Ebb and Flow' by Gillian Murphy 04_'Woodcock' by Hilary Molloy
05_Lobster_Fishing 06_After_Sunset
05_'Lobster_Fishing' by Ruth Molloy 06_'After_Sunset' by Ruth Molloy
07_Spring_Lamb 08_Field_of_Gold
07_'Spring_Lamb' by Hilary Molloy 08_'Field_of_Gold' by Ruth Molloy
09_Between_the_Tides 10_The_Lay_of_the_Land
09_'Between_the_Tides' by Gillian Murphy 10_'The_Lay_of_the Land' by Gillian Murphy