In the Tuscan region, for the last twenty years or so,
a great interest has risen in the reserch and
rescue of old native vines with some
quality factors able to appeal
to the modern consumer.

One of the more interesting discovery concerns
a very particular vine called PUGNITELLO.

The name comes from the shape of its bunch
resembling a fist, 'pugno' in italian.
Following the philosophy of our work,
which wants to emphasizes the native vines,
we planted in 2004 around 2600 plants of Pugnitello.

The Wine that now is produced from the first harvest
in 2007 shows a firm and dark colour.
The bouquet is complex,with flowers, berries
and black pepper emerging.
The aftertaste is persistent and surprisingly,
flowers and fruits merge compact together .

The wine has been obtained with
traditional fermentation at controlled temperature
and aged for over a year in
oak barriques.