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JOYCE SHEE is an artist living and working in the village of Bellharbour in the Burren area of North Clare.
She takes her inspiration from the natural forms of the Burren Landscape, its flora, hills, turloughs, bogs and everyday objects around her. She enjoys working outdoors trying to capture the atmospheric light and changing moods of this unique landscape as it moves ftom season to season.
Joyce works mainly in oils and in her current work tries to evoke in semi-abstract fashion, the mood, colour and atmosphere of the wild stoney landscape of North Clare.
She hopes in her paintings to give the viewer an atmospheric snapshot of a moment of Burren Time...












01. 'Early SummerPoppies'
-oil on board-
40cm x 30cm
550 euro (framed)



02. 'Flaggy Shore Late Spring'
-oil on board-
30cm x 40cm
575 euro (framed)



03. 'Nature Never Fails'
-oil on board-
25cm x 30cm
350 euro (framed)



04. 'The Quay, Bellharbour, Co. Clare'
-oil on board-
30cm x 35cm
495 euro (framed)

05. 'Morning Poppies'
-oil on board-
40cm x 40cm
525 euro (framed)



06. 'Late Spring Flaggy Shore'
-oil on canvas-
60cm x 60cm
850 euro (framed)

07. 'Retired Kettle'
-oil on board-
30cm x 30cm
350 euro (framed)

08. 'Six Acres Field'
-oil on board-
20cm x 20cm
275 euro (framed)



09. 'Flaggy Shore'
-oil on board-
17cm x20cm
275 euro (framed)



10. 'The Long Way Home'
-oil on board-
16cm x16cm
225 euro (framed)